How do I set up the TravelBank integration?

Disclaimer: These instructions are only applicable if your travel rewards portal is being powered by our TravelBank partner.

TravelBank is the only all-in-one expense and travel management software that includes corporate card management, 24/7 live travel support, and built-in reporting. TravelBank's technology also powers the travel rewards portal that you know and love, and when you standardize from Brex travel rewards to TravelBank, all of your traveler profile information and bookings automatically carry over. Travel spend booked on travel rewards or TravelBank, and paid with a Brex card, exclusively earns up to 5x in points.

TravelBank's intuitive platform is easy to use and only takes minutes to set up, at half the cost of similar solutions. Moreover, Brex administrators can automatically sync all Brex card transactions into TravelBank at the click of a button, allowing them to manage all corporate card + out-of-pocket spend in one place, to streamline all your approval and reconciliation workflows.

Users that are admins on both TravelBank and Brex can integrate their Brex account with TravelBank by following the steps below.

Step 1: In the TravelBank sidebar, navigate to Company Settings > Corporate Cards > Bank Connections and select Connect to the right of Brex.

Step 2: A pop-up window will appear; sign in with your email and password that you use for your Brex account.

Step 3: Now that you've established the bank connection to Brex, you can choose Manage under Corporate Cards and assign Active Cards to employees.

Step 4: After the cards have been assigned to employees, admins will be able to see the transactions and view whether or not the transactions have been assigned to an expense report.

Employees will be able to view card details as well as synced transactions, by clicking on My Cards in the sidebar. If you have set dollar amount requirements for receipts, employees can add these images to the expense once they have assigned it to an expense report.

All Brex card transactions are automatically set as "non-reimbursable" and this cannot be changed, so you don't need to worry about them being double-paid. Expense reports can have a mix of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses. Once employees assign transactions to expense reports, they can also add reimbursable out-of-pocket expense–i.e. mileage or cash tips–and submit all at once through existing approval flows.

If you encounter any issues, please read Brex Transaction Sync or contact TravelBank directly by emailing or clicking Chat with our concierge.

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