How do I set up the Coupa Pay integration?

To get started, confirm with your Coupa representative that you are subscribed to the Virtual Card entitlement on Coupa Pay. If not, you can execute an addendum before you can set up the integration.

Once you’ve confirmed that you can use Brex with Coupa Pay, your Brex account admin can generate an API Access token in your Brex dashboard, which Coupa uses to access your account.

Once that’s complete, we’ll work with Coupa to set up your company payment account within Coupa.

To generate an API Access token as an admin, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Sign in to your dashboard and go to Settings.

Step 2: Click Create Token.

CX - Coupa Pay 01

Step 3: Name the card “Coupa Pay via Conferma.”

Step 4: Select these permissions under Team:

  • Users: Read

  • Cards: Read/Write

  • Card numbers: Read

Step 5: Select these permissions under Transactions:

  • Card transactions: Read

CX - Coupa Pay 02

Step 6: If you’re using Brex Classic Experience, please move on to Step 7. If you’re using Brex Empower, please also select these permissions under Budgets:

  • Budgets: Read/Write

Step 7: Click Create Token, and then Allow access.

Step 8: Save the token in a secure location and email to confirm that the token has been created. Do not send the token info over email.

Sample email

CX - Coupa Pay 03

How do I avoid duplicate transactions in my ERP if I export from both Coupa and Brex?

Brex automatically prevents exporting transactions to your ERP directly if they were created via the Coupa Pay virtual card method. This is done by marking transactions made through the virtual card as ineligible for export. If you would prefer to make all transactions available for export from Brex, please reach out to us at and cc your Relationship Manager.

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