How do Brex Cash transaction approvals work?

Transaction or transfer approvals impact Brex Cash accounts that have any AP clerks or more than one account admin.

For AP clerk-initiated transactions

All transactions will require an admin’s approval.

For admin-initiated transactions

By default, the following transactions will be flagged for approval:

  • Transactions of any amount that are being sent to a new country

  • Transactions over $25k being sent to a new counterparty

  • Transactions over $50k being sent to any counterparty

By default, any admin, including the admin initiating the transaction, can self-approve. You can adjust this if you’d like to require approval from a secondary admin, separate from the admin who initiated the transaction.

The approval settings for admin-initiated transactions can be adjusted by reaching out to Brex Support. Note that only admins on the account are authorized to adjust these thresholds.

When a transfer from Brex Cash requires approvals, account admins will receive an email and a notification from their Brex mobile app to approve the payment. The admin can approve the transfer from either the email or mobile app and it’ll continue processing as expected.

All thresholds listed above will apply to outgoing payments via bill pay, ACH, domestic/international wire, and check.

Note: Approval notifications will be sent via email if the admin has not installed the Brex app.

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