How do I create a NetSuite custom user role for Brex?

When using NetSuite, you have the option to create a custom user role within their platform to manage token creation for your NetSuite integration with Brex.

Step 1: Sign in to the NetSuite platform.

Step 2: In the main menu bar toward the top of the dashboard, click Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles > New or Search.

  • New takes you to the Role creation form in NetSuite.

  • Search takes you to your current company list and default role types. From here, you can edit or repurpose another role.

NetSuite Custom User 03

Step 3: In the Subsidiary Restrictions table, set Accessible Subsidiaries permissions to ALL.

NetSuite Custom User 02

Step 4: Click Permissions in the NetSuite Role creator page. In this table set, set the following criteria on the user profile:

NetSuite Custom User 04
  • Transactions

    • Permissions > Transactions > Make Journal Entry (Full)

    • Permissions > Transactions > Journal Approval (Full) – [Optional]

      • While this is optional, it’s useful in the event you have an internal JE approval process within NetSuite.

  • Lists

    • Permissions > Lists > Perform Search (Full)

    • Permissions > Lists > Accounts (View)

    • Permissions > Lists > Classes (View)

    • Permissions > Lists > Departments (View)

    • Permissions > Lists > Locations (View)

    • Permissions > Lists > Subsidiaries (View)

    • Permissions > Lists > Vendors (View)

NetSuite Custom User 01
  • Setup

    • Setup > Lists > Login using Access Tokens (Full)

    • Setup > Lists > SOAP Web Services (Full)

    • Setup > Lists > User Access Tokens (Full)

NetSuite Custom User 05

Step 5: Go to Permission > Setup > Custom Column Fields. Add the Custom Column Fields permission. Then, add the following:

  1. Permissions > Setup > Custom Lists (View)

  2. Permissions > Setup > Custom Segments (View)

  3. Permissions > Setup > Custom Sublists (View)

  4. Permissions > Lists > Custom Record Entries (View)

Once these permissions are selected and saved, your custom user role is ready for use in the NetSuite integration installation for Brex.

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