How do I cancel or update travel that I’ve booked through Spotnana?

Canceling travel

Most flights and hotels can be canceled by the user from the Spotnana Online Booking Tool (OBT). In cases where online cancellation isn’t available, please contact our travel support team via chat or phone for assistance.

For fully refundable bookings, it may take up to three hours for the refund to reflect in the Brex rewards points balance.

Refunds will be issued within three hours for refundable hotels and voidable airline tickets (so long as they’re canceled within the 24-hour void window). Refunds for refundable airline tickets will be issued within 7-10 business days.

Update travel

Most flights can be changed once by the user from the Spotnana Online Booking Tool (OBT). The Spotnana travel support team is available via phone or chat to assist with subsequent changes to flight bookings.

Please contact the Spotnana travel support team via the Spotnana support page to change a hotel reservation. Please be aware that modifications to a hotel booking are highly dependent on its refund policy.

Any supplier-specific change fees applicable can only be paid with a credit card. Reward points cannot be used to pay for such change fees.

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