How do I authorize Brex for bank payments?

When connecting a new funding source to Brex, we'll immediately deposit and withdraw $.01 to validate the account. In some cases, this payment will fail. This can happen if the receiving institution doesn't recognize Brex and blocks the payment as a security measure.

To avoid any service interruptions, please confirm with your bank that the following Brex information is safelisted for ACH debits:

  • Organization Name: Brex Inc

  • Organization IDs:

    • For payments to Brex:

      • 8195391000

      • 8297979000

      • 9378085000

    • For ACH transfers:

      • 9990912226

      • 9992371152

      • 9121145349

Once this is completed, please contact Brex Support to re-attempt the validation.

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Brex's trusted counterparty feature relies on ACH IDs supplied by users. Some counterparties may attempt to debit your account from multiple ACH IDs, including ones that have not been blocked.

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