How can I update my company's address?

As a Brex admin, you are able to update your company’s address in the event that you have moved. The updated address will be used for your business's physical address, billing address, and the cash beneficiary address used for wire transfers (if your business has a Brex Cash account).

To update your company's address, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click your company's name at the top right of your dashboard and select Settings.

Step 2: In the Company > Company information section, click Update next to Address.

Step 3: Indicate whether you'd like to change the billing address for all current and future cards or only future cards; click Continue.

Step 4: Enter your new company address and click Update.

You'll receive an email confirmation shortly thereafter.

If you changed the billing address for all cards (current and future cards), please update the billing address on any recurring charges to avoid declines.


Your shipping address will default to your company address, but can be changed on a card by card basis at the time that you issue a new card.

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