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Your user limit is the amount that you're able to spend as an individual on a monthly basis. It will reset on the first of every month and is independent of your company's credit limit and spending as a whole.

To review your user limit and transactions, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click Card on the left side of your Brex dashboard.

Step 2: At the top, you'll see your spend amount for that month as well as your limit.

Your user limit can only be updated by an account or card admin. Please read How do I change a team member's user limit? to learn how either can change your user limit.

Budgets have replaced user limits on the Brex Empower platform. Transactions will instead be tied to specific budgets, following their associated limits and policies.

To view budget limits and how much you’ve spent, please follow the steps below.

In the dashboard

Step 1: Go to Budgets > Your Budgets.

Step 2: Here, you’ll see all budgets assigned to you, including the amount available and total spent.

Note: For additional details, including cleared and pending transactions, click on each budget.

In the app

Step 1: Tap the receipt icon at the bottom of your home screen to get to the Expenses page.

Step 2: Here you can view amounts spent and available under Budgets, and tap a budget for additional details.

To increase your budget, or request a new one, please read How to request a limit increase.

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