How can I install the Brex mobile app?

Downloading the Brex app is easy: Please choose from the options below.

Note: Bookkeepers will not have access to the mobile app because there are currently no functionalities related to integrations within the app yet. Bookkeepers will not receive any emails from Brex asking them to download the app.

Once downloaded, employees can use the mobile app to view their personal account information, including expenses, cards, and budgets. In addition to this, account and card admins can use the mobile app to approve budget, reimbursement, and expense requests. They can also view budgets they’re a member of and increase said budget’s limit.

Some account management actions, such as performing integration functionalities, must be completed from your dashboard.

Option 1:

Click this link from your phone which will redirect you to Brex's app on either the Apple Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Option 2: Open the App Store

Search for “Brex” in the Apple App Store or Google Play app store on your phone and choose to install it.

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