Do I need to update my account details with Gusto?

Following the change to account details for Brex business accounts, your account details will need to be updated in Gusto, so as not to disrupt your workflow.

You can find your new Brex business account information by following the steps here: How do I find my account and routing number?.

Using this information, complete these steps within Gusto.

Step 1: Go to Company > Company details and click Add bank account.

CX - Gusto 05

Step 2: Choose Connect my bank.

CX - Gusto02

Step 3: Click Continue from the Plaid window and type in Brex when prompted to search your bank.


Step 4: After completing the Plaid flow, you'll see 2 connected accounts. Please ensure that the new one shows up as verified.

Step 5: Below the verified new account, click Manage and select Default.

Step 6: On the other account connection (with your old Brex account information), click Manage and Delete.

Gusto’s support guide has further details about updating your account details from within their platform.

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