Conferma Pay integration

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This article refers to a feature that might not be available in your current Brex plan. If you'd like to learn more about this feature and how to unlock additional capabilities in Brex's upgraded plans, please have your account or card admin reach out to Brex Support by clicking on Support in your dashboard.


Premium Enterprise P-card Conferma Pay is a payments platform that connects businesses and suppliers for digitized commerce. In the travel space, Conferma Pay connects with more than 700 travel management companies, all the major global distribution systems and over 100 online booking solutions to integrate virtual cards into point of sale. Brex’s integration with Conferma Pay allows your travel management company to provision Brex virtual cards for hotel bookings and other travel spend on your employees’ behalf. Conferma Pay acts as an intermediary platform between Brex and your travel management company. To make a booking, your TMC will request a card with the necessary specifications, and through the integration, Conferma will generate the virtual card programmatically using Brex APIs. Once generated, the card details and transaction history will also be visible on the Brex dashboard under the relevant account or card admin’s account. See a list of supported TMC partners here or by emailing


Conferma Pay integrates with most major travel management companies, allowing you to extend Brex virtual card capabilities directly into the point of sale through your chosen TMC.

Cost considerations

Brex doesn’t charge any fees for the Conferma Pay integration. Please contact your TMC directly to inquire about any relevant fees they charge.

Setup instructions

To get started, confirm with your TMC representative that you’re subscribed to virtual card payments through Conferma. If not, you’ll need to execute an addendum before you can set up the integration. After confirming with your TMC that you can use Brex with Conferma Pay, you’ll need to complete a short setup process to grant Conferma access to your Brex account. Once that’s complete, Conferma will work directly with your TMC to finish onboarding your account. See Conferma’s website for a complete overview of the end-to-end process. To set up access to your Brex account, please follow these instructions to generate an API access token as a Brex account or card admin: Step 1: Sign in to your dashboard and go to Settings > Developer. Step 2: Click Create token. Step 3: Name the card “[TMC Platform] via Conferma.” Step 4: Select these permissions under Team:

  • Users: Read
  • Cards: Read/Write
  • Card numbers: Read

Step 5: Select these permissions under Transactions:

  • Card transactions: Read

Step 6: Select these permissions under Spend limit:

  • Spend limits: Read/Write
CX - Coupa Pay 04

Step 7: Click Create token and then Allow access. Step 8: Save the token in a secure location and email Brex Support (CC your relationship manager) to confirm that the token has been created. Do not send the token info over email. Once Brex confirms that the card pool has been submitted, please reach out to to confirm next steps. When your TMC creates a virtual card using the Conferma Pay integration, it will automatically appear in the Brex dashboard, nested under that procurement spend limit. That's it — no further action is required.

Avoiding duplicate transactions

Brex automatically prevents exporting transactions to your ERP directly if they were created through the Conferma Pay virtual card method. This is done by marking transactions made through the virtual card as ineligible for export. If you’d prefer to make all transactions available for export from Brex, please reach out to us at Brex Support.

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