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When creating budgets for your team, you can set certain parameters for the spending that occurs within those budgets, like requiring specific documentation for a transaction. Depending on the situation, you might want to prevent card expenses that break these rules from being tied to the budget altogether. Or, you might want to allow this to happen, with the understanding that these card expenses aren’t compliant with your budget rules.

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Team members can keep track of their compliance performance by using the compliance rating feature. This feature lets them view their individual rating directly in their Tasks in their dashboard or app. They’ll see a scale that reports whether their compliance adherence is High, Medium, or Low.

Rating calculation

To calculate the compliance rating, we analyze each expense submitted to check if it meets unique policy requirements and has all necessary documentation attached. We then compare this to historical compliance performance to generate a user-level rating of Low, Medium, or High.


By viewing a direct rating of their compliance performance, team members can better understand expense requirements and expectations. This helps create more transparency, reduces friction, and encourages improved compliance. Any team member that has expenses with requirements will receive a compliance rating. They can find their rating in their Brex dashboard or app’s Tasks at any time. Users can learn more information on expense requirements and expectations in How is my rating calculated?

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Account admins and card admins can enable or disable compliance rating for your Brex account by going to Settings > Compliance rating.

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