Can multiple users access my Brex account via 1Password?

Yes! There is a workaround to use 1Password to allow multiple users to access your Brex account.

Step 1: Install 1Password as a browser extension. Store the username/password.

Step 2: Edit your 2FA method from within the Brex dashboard and choose Authentication app.

Note: To change your 2FA method, view How do I use two-factor authentication to log in?.

Step 3: Go to this link and follow the steps under To save your QR code using 1Password in your browser.

Step 4: Use 1Password as your 2FA authenticator (instead of Google Authenticator) for the same username.

Step 5: The next time you or another user signs in, 1Password will auto-generate and fill TOTP–or you can see and copy the TOTP code from browser extension.

This user credential can be shared with coworkers via 1Password.

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