AngelList integration

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AngelList is a suite of tools that allows you to manage your company’s incorporation, cap table, fundraising, and employees all in a single location.

Setup instructions

If you’re a current AngelList customer, you can set up your AngelList account to work in conjunction with your Brex account by following the steps below. Step 1: Sign into your AngelList account here. Step 2: From your AngelList dashboard, go to Banking > Cards. Step 3: In the top right, click New Card > New Charge Card. From the next screen, click Already have a Brex account? Link to Stack. Step 4: Follow the flow to sign in to your Brex account and Allow access. Step 5: You’ll be directed back to your AngelList dashboard, where you’ll now see data synced over from your Brex account. When you click New Card in the top right, you’ll now have the option New Brex Charge Card.

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