Account & user management

  • What requires my attention?

    All Brex users, whether you’re an admin or an employee, will see a Tasks section in both the dashboard and Brex app. You’ll be able to clearly view, prioritize, and address critical tasks, requests, and necessary account-related actions so that your business operations can run smoothly.

  • How can I invite users as reimbursement-only?

    Reimbursement-only users are a type of employee role that can submit reimbursement requests but do not have access to corporate cards. When inviting reimbursement-only users either by email or via HRIS or CSV, admins can follow these steps.

  • Getting started with Brex

    Welcome to Brex! Congratulations on beginning your company’s spend management journey with us. The following will serve as a guide to help you set up your company account, and help subsequent team members you invite to set up their individual user accounts.

  • How do account copilots work?

    Account copilots (delegates) are users that are who granted the ability to perform actions on another user’s (delegator’s) behalf. Some of these actions include: Adding receipts, memos, and comments to a user’s expenses.

  • How do I enable dark mode?

    Dark mode can now be enabled in both the Brex dashboard and mobile app. Dashboard Step 1: Click your company name at the top right of your dashboard and select Settings. Step 2: Under the Personal tab, Dark mode will be the option at the very bottom of the page.

  • How is my credit score determined?

    Brex reports to Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Equifax on a monthly basis. These agencies use your Brex payment data to help determine your credit score–we are not involved in this calculation. For more details on how your information is processed, please reach out to your preferred credit bureau.

  • What happens when I close my account?

    We’re sorry to see you go! Once your account has been closed, here is what you can expect in regards to your Brex business account, accrued rewards, and overall account data.

  • How can I change an existing user to/from a reimbursement-only role?

    Account admins, card admins, and user management admins can change an existing user between a card-holding user and a reimbursement-only user at any time from within their dashboard. Reimbursement-only roles are suited for employees who can submit reimbursement requests but won’t have access to use any corporate cards to spend…

  • How do I uninvite a user?

    If a new user hasn’t accepted their invitation to create a Brex account, account admins or card admins will still have the option to mark them as uninvited by following these steps. Account admins can revoke an invitation for any user role type.

  • Can bookkeepers access multiple Brex accounts?

    With Pro Access, bookkeepers can sign in and access client accounts under one login. There’s no limit to the number of client accounts that can be added. Note: Bookkeepers have the same permissions as a bookkeeper role type on the clients' Brex account.

  • Who do account disclosures impact?

    In late 2022, California enacted laws requiring that business-to-business commercial finance providers offer rate and fee disclosures to customers based in California. As of January 2024, these laws are also enacted in Georgia, Florida, and New York (enacted in August 2023, operationalized in January).

  • New York state business disclosures

    New York law requires that we ask if a business applicant is a minority-owned business or a women-owned business. New York law also requires us to ask business applicants for their principal owners’ ethnicity and race. Applicants aren’t required to provide this information, but are encouraged to do so.

  • How do I enable or disable WhatsApp notifications?

    WhatsApp is a messaging tool that allows customers all over the world to access messages with a data signal instead of a cellular network. Because Brex works globally, we’re offering WhatsApp capabilities so that international teams can easily manage expenses wherever they may be.

  • Allowlisting/authorizing Brex

    Micro-deposits are small transactions used to verify account ownership and connection stability when linking bank accounts to platforms like Brex. In some cases, micro-deposits may fail if the receiving institution doesn't recognize Brex and blocks the payment as a security measure.

  • What are the Brex role types?

    Roles available Account admin Note: This role type is only available for accounts with a Brex business account enabled. As an account admin, you’ll have complete access to your company’s Brex business account and overall account settings.

  • How do I find my primary representative’s contact information?

    Your primary representative is your direct point of contact at Brex, who you can reach out to at any time with account related questions. Your representative is there to support you over the lifespan of your account, and will help customize your Brex experience to meet your individual business needs.

  • I was invited to use Brex, what's next?

    If your team's admin has created a new user account for you, you'll receive an email with the subject line: Activate your Brex account for [Company name], which will include a button that says Create account.

  • How do I create, edit, and delete departments?

    If you have different departments in your organization, you can add those same departments into your Brex account for grouping purposes. This makes it easy to focus on expenses that fall under a certain department or narrow down search results to only employees within the department.

  • How do I create, edit, and delete locations?

    Account admins and card admins can create, edit, and delete locations by following the steps below. Step 1: Click Team on the left side of your Brex dashboard, and then click Locations. Step 2: Click Add Location on the upper right side. Step 3: Assign a name and description.

  • How can I contact Brex?

    We are standing by to help and listen. Please reach out with any questions or feedback! Customer support: Chat with us 24/7 from your Brex dashboard. Sales: Press: Careers: General inquiries:

  • I'm having trouble signing into my account

    You can sign into your Brex account from by clicking Sign in. If you face any trouble while doing this, please follow the steps below depending on your issue. Forgot password If you forgot your password, enter your email address associated with your Brex account on this page and…

  • How do I close my account?

    Brex business account To close your Brex business account, please follow these steps: Note: If you have multiple Brex business accounts, please read How do I close one or more Brex business account?. Step 1: Click your company's name at the top right of your dashboard and select Settings.

  • How do I change a different user's role?

    Account admins can update a user to any role type. Card admins can update other users to card admins, user admins, employees, and bookkeepers (if you don’t have a Brex business account). User admins can update the users to AP clerks, bookkeepers, and employees.

  • How should I format my shipping address?

    We want your card to get to the right place! Incorrectly formatted addresses are one of the top reasons for undelivered physical cards. Please review the suggestions below for suggestions on how to enter your address.

  • How can I update my phone number?

    To update the phone number associated with your Brex account, please follow the steps below. Step 1: Click your company's name at the top right of your dashboard and select Settings. Step 2: Under the Personal tab, you'll see Phone number.

  • How do I update my company’s details?

    Company name Depending on whether you want to update your company’s legal name, Doing Business As (DBA) name, or both, we’ll require the following: Legal name: Articles of Amendment documentation (Certificate of Name Change or Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation) (If your company’s EIN has changed) An IRS letter…

  • What happens when an employee leaves the company?

    After an employee leaves your company, it's important to offboard them within your Brex account to keep your spend limits, approval flows, or other spend management procedures running smoothly. To get started with the offboarding process, an account admin or card admin can follow the steps below.

  • Can I customize my users’ permissions?

    The permissions any given team member has on your account are determined by their role type. You can find a summary of the actions each role type has permission for in this help article.

  • How is Brex supporting First Republic Bank customers?

    Following the news regarding First Republic Bank, we’re doing everything we can to help those impacted by these events — Brex customers or otherwise. Here are some of the ways we’re supporting our First Republic Bank customers here at Brex: Safety of funds The safety of our customers’ funds is…

  • Can I add my bookkeeper to my account?

    You can add a user with the bookkeeper role, which will give them the ability to see and export your transaction history on both the card and Brex business account. A user with the bookkeeper role will not be able to send money out of the Brex business account.

  • I received an error message when inviting a new user

    If you're unable to add a user, you will see this error message: "We weren't able to invite [name]. Please contact for assistance." This means the email is already associated with a different Brex account. You can resolve this by choosing one of the following options.

  • How do I change the email address associated with my account?

    You’ll always have a single email address associated with your Brex account, which you can use to: Sign into your Brex account Forward receipts to be automatically matched Verify identity or troubleshoot verification Receive email notifications If you have trouble with any of the steps below, please contact Brex Support.

  • How can I reset my password in my Brex dashboard?

    If you're signed in To reset your password when you can't access your Brex account, please click here to request a reset link. To reset your password from your Brex dashboard, please follow the steps below.

  • Help me monitor my monthly spend

    As an account admin or card admin, you can monitor your company’s spend and money movement from the Accounts tab of your Brex dashboard. This includes seeing how much of your monthly limit you’ve spent, the amount you’ve paid out in reimbursements, your month-over-month Brex business account balance, and the…

  • How do I deactivate or reactivate a user?

    Brex account admins can deactivate or reactivate users of any role type, while card admins can deactivate/reactivate bookkeepers (provided you don’t have a Brex business account) employees, card admins, or user management admins. User management admins can deactivate/reactivate employees, AP clerks, and bookkeepers.

  • I am having trouble accessing the support chat.

    The chat function is only accessible through your Brex dashboard under Support. You can also chat with our support team through the link at the bottom of every help article, after logging into your Brex account.

  • How do I invite new users to Brex?

    Brex account admins can invite new users as any role type, while card admins can invite users as bookkeepers (provided you don’t have a Brex business account) employees, or card admins. User management admins can invite new employees, AP clerks, and bookkeepers.

  • What is the early access tab in my Brex dashboard?

    The Early access tab is only visible to Brex business account customers with the Brex Classic Experience dashboard enabled. Brex Empower already includes access to our latest advanced spend management features.

  • What is an email alias?

    If you need to have multiple Brex accounts, but only have one email address, you will need to use an email alias. If you use Gmail or Outlook, you're able to have a second invitation sent to the same email address by adding a plus sign (+) and an additional…

  • Can I request a 1099 form from Brex?

    Below you’ll find information about different versions of the 1099 form and whether you can expect to receive them as a result of using the Brex service. The information provided in these materials does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal, tax, or financial advice.

  • How do I invite or remove users in bulk via HRIS?

    Brex’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS) integration helps to manage your Brex users from within your HRIS rather than from within the Brex dashboard. Follow steps in this help article to make sure your integration is set up before managing users, then follow the relevant steps below.

  • What options do I have for signing in to Brex?

    Brex email and password When signing into either your Brex dashboard on the web or the Brex app on mobile, you have the option to manually enter the email address and password associated with your Brex account.

  • Are there costs for different Brex services?

    Brex business account Brex does not charge any transaction fees when sending standard domestic wires, international wires, ACHs, or checks via your Brex business account. While there are not any Brex-issued fees for domestic or international wires, third-party banks may charge fees to cover their costs, should the wire be…

  • What do the different expense filters mean?

    General Amount: Filter for expenses of a certain amount Input only a min value for “greater than.” Input only a max value for “less than.” Input both a min and max value to specify a range.

  • How does building business credit work when I use Brex?

    While Brex isn’t a credit agency, we typically provide payment performance details for Brex accounts to credit reporting agencies. When customers pay on time, sharing this data may increase their chances of building credit.

  • How does reporting work with Brex?

    Under Reports in the Brex dashboard, account admins and card admins will find a variety of tools to help automate processes, increase visibility, and otherwise provide a holistic view of your entire account.

  • Why did Brex decide to focus on startups and scaled companies?

    When Brex introduced its software platform, Empower, we made the decision to focus our service on startups and scaled companies. We realized we couldn’t successfully serve companies of all sizes at the same time. Unfortunately, this means some of our Brex customers’ accounts will be closed.

  • How do I manage the users on my Brex account?

    Brex offers three different ways for account admins and card admins to add and manage users on their Brex account. User management admins can also manage users with an employee role type.

  • I need help with my credit report

    How Brex appears Each credit agency displays information differently, so Brex payments may be listed under “Brex,” “Business/Financial Services,” or similar terms. The agencies also determine what information is required from Brex to report credit.

  • How do account copilots work?

    Account copilots (delegates) are users that are granted the ability to perform actions on another user’s (delegator’s) behalf. Some of these actions include: Adding receipts, memos, and comments to a user’s expenses.