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Brex for startups.

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Brex for startups.

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  • Open account in minutes
    • Fast, same-day signup.
    • Safely store and access your cash.
    • Get high-limit corporate cards.
  • Track your runway
  • Scale your startup
  • Automate finances
  • Operate globally
  • Send wires and ACH
Open an account

Get a card and account in minutes.

Brex is easy to get started and easy to manage — because juggling financial tasks is not what you came here to do. Get everything you need in one place.


Fast, same-day signup.

Open a Brex card and business account from any device in 10 minutes. All you need is a US EIN or IRS letter, incorporation and ownership details, and photo ID. If you’re not incorporated yet, we can help with that too through our partners.


Dedicated, 24/7 support.

Using your account is easy and seamless, but we have your back if you need us. You’ll have a dedicated account manager and a support team available anytime.

No personal guarantee or credit check.

Qualify for higher card limits based on your company’s financial information, such as bank balances, business model, and spending patterns — not a personal guarantee.

Safely store and access your cash.

Replace the need for a bank account with a Brex business account lets you choose to keep your funds across multiple banks for up to $6M in coverage and/or a money-market fund. 100% of funds in Brex business accounts are always available for withdrawal. Learn more.

Receive wires from investors on day one.

Put your investor funds in a secure account quickly and easily, and access the funds immediately for whatever you need.

Earn 4.90% yield* to reinvest in your business.

Choose to store some or all of your balance in money market funds to earn 4.90% yield while maintaining access to spend those funds at any time.

Send fast ACH and wires anywhere.

Move money faster globally and in local currency by ACH and wire. Pay vendors, run payroll, or make international payments. All from our mobile app and dashboard.

Get high-limit corporate cards.

Issue unlimited virtual and physical cards protected by chip and PIN in 100+ countries, with support and notifications via WhatsApp to avoid SMS fees.


Build credit to unlock higher capital.

Establish business credit history from day one with automatic payments on your card balance reported to the credit bureaus.

Spend without reaching for your wallet.

Access your card in the Brex app and long-press to copy your card details, and add your card to Apple or Google Pay to make secure purchases in person.

Get higher spending power.

Unlock 10-20x higher credit limits that grow as you do — based on your cash or sales, not your personal credit score.

Earn uncapped rewards and up to $150K in discounts.

Earn up to 8x points on all card spend and redeem points for cash back, billboards, 1:1 coaching, and team events. Plus enjoy exclusive savings on top software and services.

Track your burn rate and runway.

Understand your financials at a glance — with custom dashboards, forecasting tools, and expert advice — to make easier, strategic decisions around key events like fundraising and hiring. And offload financial tasks to save time.


Save time on financial planning.

Talk to your dedicated account manager or Brex sales about our more advanced financial planning software that lets you forecast and plan like a finance pro in minutes for a monthly fee.


Build a financial plan you can trust.

Stop paying for makeshift spreadsheet templates or analysts to manage the most important part of your business. We offer an easy tool designed for founders to build an accurate, up-to-date financial plan.

See your real-time cash balance and runway forecasts.

Understand your key business metrics with just a glance: cash flow forecast, monthly burn rate, real-time runway calculations. And get any easy visual of where you stand each month to make spotting discrepancies quick and easy.

Make KPI dashboards in a few clicks.

Customize your KPI dashboard to suit your company's (and investors’) needs. Easily create interactive dashboards full of beautiful charts backed by your real-time financial data.

Get a clear picture of your spend in real time.

See your payments received and sent, balance, spend patterns, and global transactions across all your systems and accounts — in one dashboard and app.

Learn more 

Offload financial tasks.

Team up with partners that can help you close the books faster, score the best deals on software, plan offsites, and even run ad campaigns.


Connect with a bookkeeper.

Take advantage of our partnerships with accounting firms like Pilot, Kruze, and My Startup CFO. Choose from hundreds of recommended bookkeepers — we’ll introduce you!

Get marketing and event services.

Get full-service billboard campaigns and concierge-level support for planning team events using Brex points instead of cash. Our partners work with you to deliver your vision.

Outsource procurement.

Let our partner Tropic save you time and money by negotiating SaaS vendor contract renewals more efficiently. View all contracts in one place and learn about new tools and platforms.

Scale faster — we’ll scale with you.

Get connected to founder-friendly capital, growth-oriented rewards and yield, and expert advice to scale strategically. Brex is more than a product. It’s a community.


Earn yield and rewards.

Get paid back as you spend with cash back, value-added rewards options, and interest-earning deposits.

Earn yield to reinvest in your business.

Earn 4.90% yield on your deposits while maintaining the ability to spend those funds at any time. You choose the percentage of your balance to invest for yield (up to 100%), and you can change it anytime.

Get rewards that help you grow.

Earn points on all card spend and redeem for rewards that help you scale, like billboard advertising and team-building events — or cold-hard cash back if you prefer.


Get founder-friendly capital.

Extend your runway and get more time to hit your targets with Brex venture debt and a Brex business account.

Minimize dilution with venture debt.

Use Brex venture debt, our less-dilutive capital option, to retain more ownership, enhance your valuation, and boost your growth.

Gain strategic partnership.

Get access to Brex’s unmatched ecosystem to expand your distribution, and partner with your dedicated account manager to get advice on capital plans.

Save and earn more.

In addition to accessing capital, manage your funds in our banking alternative with the option to earn yield and the ability to send ACH and wires anywhere.

Keep scaling with Brex.

Brex is here to fuel your innovation at any size. So when you’re ready to ensure 100% compliance and 0 receipt chasing on a larger scale, we’ve got you with our global spend solution. Contact our sales team to learn more.


Upgrade to next-level software.

Keep using your Brex cards and business account, while adding universal ERP integrations, continuous close, and more advanced data synchronization.

Drive financial efficiency across your org.

Unlock time-saving features that maintain compliance like auto-generated receipts, budgets, and visual expense policies, and issue global reimbursements.

Leverage Brex’s networks.

Expand your network and get introduced to the right people to fuel your growth with help from Brex.


Get exclusive event invitations.

Attend Brex-sponsored, industry-specific startup and founder events. Meet your next new hire, VC, or corporate partner while enjoying a top-tier venue.

Get personalized introductions.

Meet potential partners who can support your capital plans with intros from your Brex account manager.

Sync and automate your finances.

Track and close expenses in real time and connect Brex to the systems you already use for greater visibility and time-saving automation.


Easily connect all your systems.

Auto-sync your financial data with our plug-n-play integrations with QuickBooks, Rippling, Gusto, Deel, and more. Set up automations for onboarding and payments in minutes.


Pay your bills and employees faster.

Integrate your payroll system with Brex to expedite and automate employee payroll. Forward bills or invoices to have payments to contractors or vendors automatically drafted.

Let your accountant take the wheel.

Give your accountant secure, read-only access to your accounts so they have the data they need and can help manage your ERP integrations.

Integrate your accounting software in a few clicks.

Most accounting integrations are plug and play, and your dedicated account manager is on hand to help. We can also introduce you to bookkeepers or firms that can do it all for you.

Automate everything.

Automate payments, reporting, and other workflows to save hours a week with the Brex API and no-code platforms.

Create custom reports to track vitals.

Access your Brex transactions to build reports with the information that matters most to you with our transactions API.

Onboard and offboard users automatically.

Onboard Brex users automatically and connect your org chart with our HRIS integration, and automatically issue virtual cards with custom limits using our team API.

Integrate Brex cards with 1Password for frictionless payments.

With 1Password Teams or 1Password Business, you can autofill Brex virtual cards everywhere you pay online. Cards can be dynamically updated from the Brex dashboard with spending limits and lock dates, making it easy to control business spending.

Automate ACH and wire payments.

Take the headache out of vendor management and make payments programmatically using our payments API.

Increase productivity with no-code solutions.

Update spreadsheets and automatically trigger actions through our integration with Zapier. Infinite possibilities. Founder time is valuable, automate what you can.


Automate receipts and memos.

Drive 100% compliance with 0 receipt chasing. Receipts and memos are automatically generated for many transactions, and reminders are automatically sent to employees when receipts and memos are required but weren’t auto-generated.


Auto-generated receipts.

Brex automatically gathers itemized, IRS-compliant receipts for transactions with major merchants via exclusive merchant connections without employees needing to ever track or upload them, saving your whole team hours.

Auto-generated memos.

Memos will be automatically filled based on the spending purpose. Employees can easily update the auto-populated memo with additional information when submitting expenses or reimbursements. Administrators can choose to turn on or off the auto-memo functionality at the expense policy level.

Employee reminders and notifications in app.

Automatically send real-time, in-app receipt alerts to remind employees to submit receipts for required transactions when receipts aren’t auto-generated.

Auto-match receipts to transactions.

Brex will automatically match employees’ Brex card transactions to receipts that they upload, forward, Slack, or text — even if the photo is a little blurry. No more chasing or deciphering receipts.

Auto-validate receipts.

Automatic receipt validation capabilities will detect when an uploaded receipt doesn't match the expense. Employees will be prompted to correct it and the expense reviewers will be asked to review their changes.

Run your startup globally.

Don’t let location be a barrier to hiring the best talent, building US business credit, or expanding your network. Brex was built by and for global founders.


Issue cards and send wires fast.

Give your team corporate cards with custom limits that work in 100+ countries, and pay them in their local currency via unlimited wires.

Send wires in local currency.

Initiate international wires in foreign currencies via real-time FX conversion of USD funds.

Give everyone a virtual card.

Make it easy for your team to spend how you want them to and meet their goals with individual card limits and global acceptance.

Gather and empower your team.

Use Brex rewards points for out-of-the-box, pre-planned team offsites, and 1:1 coaching.


Run your startup from anywhere.

Launch and scale your company wherever you’re based with a business account and cards designed to be used globally.

Incorporate in the US from anywhere.

Quickly form your business, no matter where you operate, and get a US EIN with our partner Firstbase to be eligible for a Brex account.

Open an account 100% online.

Get virtual cards in minutes, with no personal guarantee and no physical US address required (must be incorporated in US) — plus 24/7 customer support worldwide.

Send wires worldwide.

Send unlimited ACH and wires domestically and internationally and enjoy worldwide card acceptance with Mastercard.

Get credit and build credit history.

Our unique underwriting process helps unlock 10-20x higher limits fast — even without US business credit. You can even start building US credit history with timely payments.

Simplify global payroll.

Build your team faster with less worry about how to pay them — automated bill pay and scheduled payments in any currency have you covered.


Pay contractors with ease.

Let us draft payments out of your invoices — just forward bills by email to Brex, we’ll enter them, and you can approve the payments with one click.

Schedule payments to keep your cash longer.

Set up scheduled contractor or vendor payments on the final day of their contract to extend your runway.

Send fast wires and ACH.

Making money takes effort, but moving money should be easy. With Brex, you can receive, send, and transfer funds securely and quickly worldwide with a few taps.


Send and receive payments.

Ready, set, go: send and receive money at the speed of your business.

Make easy deposits.

Open an account in minutes. Then share routing and account numbers to receive payments from investors or customers the instant you're approved.

Send wires globally.

Pay vendors and contractors worldwide with a few taps. Send ACH, checks, or wires worldwide via the Brex app and dashboard.


Automate bill payments.

Stay focused on business, not entering invoices, with automated bill pay, software integrations, and APIs.

Enter invoices automatically.

Eliminate manual invoice entry and forward your bills to Brex — we’ll automatically create payment drafts for you when you have a Brex Cash account.

Schedule payments to keep your cash longer.

Set up scheduled contractor payments at the end of the month. Choose from one-time or recurring payments and easily change the delivery dates.

Pay your employees and contractors faster.

Integrate your payroll system like Rippling, Gusto, or Deel with Brex to expedite and automate employee payroll.

Cut down manual work with our payments API.

Automate vendor management and make ACH, wire, and check payments programmatic using your Brex account data.

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Group 99356

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