Expense management

Take control of company spend

From employee purchases to vendor payments, Brex keeps you in control of your company’s spend to save you time and reduce wasted spend.

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Simplify receipt collection

Spend 75% less time chasing receipts. Whenever you make a purchase, snap a photo of your receipt, add a memo, and text, email, or upload it to the mobile app to automatically match it to the expense. No more saving paper receipts.

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Avoid out-of-policy or late payments

Set up transaction approval flows, schedule payments in advance, and mark payments as recurring with Brex Cash—helping to maintain in-policy and on time payments. Get automatic alerts if Brex Card transactions are missing receipts, memos, or need your review—focusing your time on only what needs attention.

Reduce manual work with partner integrations

Brex integrates seamlessly with partners like Rippling to support employee onboarding, and Expensify and Concur for expense management. QuickBooks, NetSuite, and Xero integrations also save your team hours of work each month with intelligent categorization and automatic GL mapping.

Manage your business from anywhere

Stay in control even when you’re away from your laptop. Deposit checks, see your balance, and access or lock your cards all from the mobile app. Approve or deny transactions directly from email.

Never worry about fraud or disputes

Advanced fraud prevention, enhanced 2FA, and robust card management tools help your company avoid fraudulent activity. Our support team has your back throughout any payment dispute.

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It takes literally 10 seconds to onboard new employees, and our finance team has control over employee spending. I’m confident Brex’s program is built to scale.

Brian Chen
Cofounder and CEO, ROOM

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Our customers reduce their monthly accounting reconciliation time up to 50%.