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Brex helps Pilot close the books twice as fast.

The Brex difference

Pain Points

Customer experience, expense management

Top Spend Categories

AWS, Software services

Company Info



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San Francisco, CA


Pilot provides bookkeeping, tax prep, CFO services, and financial operations to 1000+ startups ranging from pre-seed through Series C. The third startup for its founding team, Pilot was born out of a frustration over managing the financial back-office at previous companies.

The problem

Prior to switching to the Brex card, Pilot primarily used Chase’s corporate card portfolio. “It was just a very blah experience,” remembers CEO Waseem Daher.

As a startup itself, Pilot also wanted to make sure it was offering the best resources to its customers. “We sell to startups; we are a startup; so we wanted to confirm that before we recommend it to people.” Turns out, Brex was exactly what they needed.

Brex was clearly built for startups in a way that other cards just weren’t.

brex cards

"Brex saves us time and money because it automatically knows what is reimbursable and what's not. Brex helps us close the books twice as fast."

—Waseem Daher, CEO



After using the Brex card themselves, Pilot now also recommends Brex to its customers. “We recommend it because we use it ourselves.” To date, more than half of Pilot’s 1,000+ customers have switched over to Brex. Familiarity with the platform allows the company to better serve its clients.

“We’ve found it’s easier for our customers to get started, it’s easier for them to manage, and then we’re able to do higher quality work because they’re using Brex.”

Familiarity with the platform allows the company to better serve its clients. “The reason we’re using Brex is because it’s the best product on the market.”


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