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Pro Access account switching
Pro Access account switching

Close the books faster.

Pro access makes it easy for accountants, advisors, bookkeepers, and their clients to work together seamlessly.

Share your Brex account.

Help your bookkeeper or accountant serve you better by granting their firm access to your Brex account. Make an introduction to get them onto our beneficial partner program.

Refer your provider 

Serve Brex customers.

Brex is the ultimate spend management provider for accounting professionals, with features like pro access that help you manage accounts easily to improve customer satisfaction and gain more clients.

Account switching functionality for Pro Access users.
Account switching functionality for Pro Access users.

Save hours, get better results.

Pro access lets you sign into your Brex dashboard with one sign-on and toggle between all of your client accounts. No more signing in and out. Your clients grant you access once, and you’re good to go.

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Brex integrates with your accounting software of choice.


Manage spend effortlessly.

Powerful spend management software for spend alerts, faster review, and more.

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