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Try some Zaps.

Connect your Brex account to Zapier and save your time with some of the following automations:


Offload vendor onboarding.

Let your vendors onboard themselves just by filling out an online form or sending you an invoice.


Add Brex users automatically.

Set it up so that as soon as an employee is hired, they’re added to your Brex account—without you ever signing into your dashboard.


Manage cards like magic.

Just update a spreadsheet—and your Brex account will automatically issue new virtual cards based on the data.


Automate financial workflows in minutes.

Connect Brex to Microsoft, Slack, and any of 4,000+ apps today—and start saving 10 hours per week on average.*

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* Source: Zapier.com. Average hours saved based on a poll conducted by Zapier of 1500 knowledge workers in Marketing, IT, Accounting, HR, and Sales / Customer Service in small-medium businesses across the U.S.