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New launch | Account management

April 2023

SPC (Security & Privacy Center)

Security is a top priority for Brex, and our goal is to help you make good security decisions with easy access to information and tools.

In the Brex dashboard, all users can now view their own security settings, data, and overall security posture, including:

- Login metadata
- Trusted devices, permissions, and who has authentication
- Session management (active sessions on the Brex account, third-party connections)
- Data visibility (what data Brex stores on the individual — deletion is possible through a manual GDPR Right to be forgotten request)
- Settings (cookie preferences, multi-factor authentication)

Admins can also view their company's security settings and posture overall, and also have the ability to configure certain security settings globally or individually. This helps you understand your company's risks and security posture to ensure that you stay compliant with your policies as well as audits.