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Who is liable for credit card fraud?

Learn more about credit card fraud and how to determine whether you’re liable.

How do I know if I’m liable for credit card fraud?

Despite sophisticated advancements in banking and payment methods, credit card fraud remains a major risk. Criminals are sometimes still able to illegally obtain credit card details, even when cardholders take all the recommended precautionary steps to protect their funds.

It’s important to know what steps to take should your credit card become compromised.

Liability for credit card fraud

Card liability policies vary, including based on whether you’re using a corporate card or a personal card. You can read more about Brex fraud protection in our Brex card program terms.

What to do if you fall victim to credit card fraud

If your card or mobile device is lost or stolen, or you believe there have been any unauthorized or fraudulent charges, notify your credit card provider immediately.

The earlier you report the issue, the sooner the issuer can start the process of investigating where the fraud has occurred and secure your account again. This will usually involve reissuing a card with a new number.

For your Brex card, inform Brex either by disputing a charge via your Brex dashboard or by contacting Brex Support by phone at (833) 228-2044, by email at support@brex.com, or by chat.

If you see unauthorized activity on a personal card, you should also contact one of the three major credit reporting agencies to set up a fraud alert and obtain a copy of your credit report. Make sure to examine it for any other signs of fraudulent activity.