SAN FRANCISCO, November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Brex announced its partnership with Techstars, a global investment business that provides access to capital, one-on-one mentorship, and customized programming for early-stage entrepreneurs. As part of the partnership, Brex has joined Techstars’ global network of partners and will offer aspiring founders and early stage entrepreneurs exclusive resources to help them scale their business.

“Startups and founders have always been at the heart of Brex, and are the customers we’ve served since day one,” said Henrique Dubugras, co-founder and co-CEO of Brex. “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Techstars to help provide more resources and benefits to help founders grow their business and increase their likelihood of success.”

With the partnership between Brex and Techstars, founders who are a part of Techstars’ accelerator programs will have access to:

  • Master classes and Brex in-house experts - Founders will have access to free, online and in-person content as well as  exclusive events hosted by experts from Brex. Through these events, founders will gain unique insights on the market from Brex data and receive tactical support around financial modeling to prepare for their next fund raise.
  • Free access to financial forecasting and scenario planning platform  - While they are a part of the Techstars program, founders will have free access to Pry, Brex’s financial forecasting and scenario planning platform. Pry helps early-stage founders better prepare for their next fund raise by building financial models, predicting cash runway, creating hiring plans, and more.
  • Dedicated support team - Techstars founders using Brex will receive a dedicated support team to help with the entire onboarding process as well as any ongoing support.
  • Founder Benefits - Techstar founders will receive a signup bonus and best-in-class rewards. This includes the ability to attend fireside chats and Supper Club dinners with founders and experts of all stages in the industry.

“Techstars connects founders to a multitude of opportunities that help them scale their business and this partnership with Brex reinforces that commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed. Having data at your fingertips enables better business decisions and early-stage Techstars founders can find value in the tools that Brex offers,” said Marie Moussavou, Chief Portfolio Services Officer.

“The partnership between Techstars and Brex is a huge win for early stage founders,” said Jason Bornhorst, CEO of First Dollar and former CEO and Co-founder of Patient IO, a Techstars portfolio company founded in 2013 and acquired by athenahealth in 2016. “Techstars provided the resources and tools to help lay the foundation for my entrepreneurial journey and Brex has helped First Dollar scale to where we are today. Combining the two is a game changer for founders.”

For current Techstars founders who are interested in learning how Brex can support them on their entrepreneurial journey visit


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