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Ending manual receipt management

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10 minutes

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2 hours

Implementation Time

Receipt management

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Hardware, Engineering

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Alejandro Tocigl




San Francisco, CA



Employee Count

$20M (Seed)



Miroculus uses proprietary technology to automate and miniaturize the most complex laboratory workflows in a compact, user-friendly system. Their vision is to make the most complex protocols easy and accessible to scientists everywhere.


After closing a $17 million round in mid-2018, Miroculus’ Head of Finance Manuel Sescosse saw the writing on the wall: he needed to streamline expense management before it became an even bigger time suck. The problem was only going to get worse as more people came on board — and they were hiring quickly.

“Our corporate card from our bank wasn’t terrible,” said Sescosse, “We had a few cards for our executives and finance team, but didn’t want to issue more because the process took so long. And even getting a card required a collateral deposit, which we really didn’t like.”


As he was in the searching mode, Manuel decided to actually take a cold sales email seriously — this one from Brex. “Usually I don’t even look at cold emails, but I was thinking about how we could get a better process in place, and Brex looked like it might really help.”

After giving the card a try for a few weeks, Manuel rolled the program out to his team. Overnight, he started hearing how pleased they were.

Now Manuel spends less of his time chasing his employees for receipts, including the many scientists who prefer to spend their time on R&D. Brex’s automated receipt management system helped reduce the amount of time stuck handling expenses at Miroculus, freeing up more time for the team to focus on the work that actually matters — their research.

“Brex gives us seamless control over operational expense management, and has the best support team compared to any other finacial service we’ve used. The card is a key part of our team’s toolkit, and we expect to use it and any other products they release for the foreseeabe future.”

With less time spent on managing expenses, Manuel was able to lean into cleaning up other internal processes, and now feels his team is ahead of the game and ready for the growth ahead.

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