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Mediasmith is an independent media agency helping notable brands navigate the media landscape by implementing comprehensive strategies through a combination of multi-channel capabilities, in-house programmatic, and extensive experience in both traditional and digital activations.


Prior to Brex, MediaSmith enjoyed a 20-year relationship with American Express, its credit tied to the personal guarantee of one of its founders. But when that founder retired, he took with him the high credit limit the company had established over two decades. It was time to start looking for a new line of credit. Remaining MediaSmith leadership were not interested in tying their personal credit to the company credit card, so they searched for a credit card with high limits, no personal guarantee, and a rewards program comparable to that of AMEX. Enter Brex.


After onboarding with Brex and working closely with its account manager, it took MediaSmith less than two years to establish a credit limit twice as high as what it had built in two decades with Amex. Even better, charges that were frequently declined by AMEX as fraud now process seamlessly after MediaSmith worked directly with Brex Ops to create a list of whitelisted vendor companies.


Nowadays, MediaSmith focuses less on problems, and more on enjoying the Brex rewards program, and the intuitive built-in dashboard features like receipt-matching and photo capture. “Now, we hardly have any issues,” beams Director of Finance Ryan Buensuceso, raving about Brex’s unrivaled customer service.

“I love how easy it is to apply rewards to transactions,” he adds. “Statements are a lot cleaner, and you can export custom date ranges and make payments online.” With unparalleled account management and customer service, Brex saves MediaSmith time, money, and headaches.

Our Brex account manager is more like a concierge, working behind the scenes to resolve issues quickly on our behalf.

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