We believe in dreaming big, in life and at work

Helping customers reach their potential starts with helping our team reach theirs. We equip employees with industry-leading benefits, including competitive compensation, generous vacation time, parental leave, and perks for remote work.

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What we believe

Dream Big

Every big accomplishment starts the same way: aiming higher than we think is possible, and working backwards from there. Dreaming big or small takes the same amount of work.

Inspire Customer Love

When customers and those around us love what we do and advocate on our behalf, our potential is unbounded.


Success is in our own hands. We take our results personally, and we deliver at the highest standards, with integrity, despite the odds.

Impatient Optimism

The future will be great, and we want to get there fast. We move with urgency and focus, always with a positive attitude.

Growth Mindset

We have the discipline to seek the truth on every challenge, humility to know we can always improve, and curiosity to learn every step of the way. We’re never done pursuing the best version of ourselves.

One Brex

We focus on what unites us, not what divides us. We optimize for Brex above any team or individual, we’re committed to each other’s success, and we work together to leverage the collective genius.

Diversity & inclusion

Brex is empowering every employee to realize their full potential, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or background.

We value diversity and believe it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate each other's differences. We rely on resource groups and forums to provide feedback as a crucial part of creating a culture where everyone can thrive. We conduct quarterly pulse surveys to measure the engagement, satisfaction, and overall feedback from our employees. These results are shared across the company in an effort to drive transparency and accountability.

We currently support ten employee resource groups designed to build a safe and open place for our employees to find support, share differing experiences, and bring awareness to the greater Brex community.

Learn from a distributed team

The best talent isn't limited to a single city. We’re committed to hiring a diverse and talented team across a number of cities in the US, Canada, and Brazil. We keep every location connected with transparency and open dialogue at weekly All Hands and Q&A.

Our response to COVID-19

We’re prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our employees, followed by the ability to work effectively in a remote environment. We pivot as needed to ensure employees are supported and continue to add benefits that help the team adapt to change.

Grow your career at Brex

We invest heavily in learning & development programs that help you chart a continuous growth path that aligns your aspirations and interests with the needs of Brex. Career goals differ for everyone, and we’re here to support you in developing new skills, growing your leadership capabilities, and honing your talents.

Thrive in remote-first community

We hold office hours, themed team events, fitness and wellness programs, and support nine employee resource groups. Join the #cooking channel to share your favorite recipe, brag about your kids in #Brexlings, and check out #surf and #ski to watch the conditions. Learn more here.

Benefits at Brex


Powerful benefits to power you. We equip our employees with industry-leading benefits like high-quality insurance, generous PTO, and family-friendly parental leave to help our employees stay healthy.

Open roles

Work locations

The majority of roles at Brex are fully remote and can be located within a +4 hour timezone of San Francisco. All roles are posted to one of our office locations for internal purposes. In some cases, a role is required to be located within reasonable commuting distance to an office. If this is the case, it will be clearly noted in the job description.


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