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Brex is built for ecommerce.

Scale your online business with corporate card limits that unlock capital.


Grow faster with higher card limits and uncapped rewards.

With 10-20x higher limits than typical corporate cards and zero interest, the Brex card gives Dr. Squatch the cash flow they need to rapidly grow online sales.

Dr. Squatch—a personal care company with natural products for men—benefits from Brex’s generous rewards on digital ads and shipping, and international transactions that are free to send. And they love our credit model that increases limits based on real-time business performance.

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“Before, banks would give us maybe $300K. With Brex we have $1.2M and it was super easy to get.”

— Dan Larson, CFO


Boost cash flow with extended repayment terms.

With the significant gap between paying for inventory and getting paid, flexible repayment terms on Brex cards give ecommerce companies access to capital so they can invest in growth and manage cash flow.

With Brex, VINEBOX—the at-home wine tasting company— says cheers to easy payments that are free to send, interest-free purchases, and uniform extended repayment terms on every transaction.

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"Brex helps us free up cash flow for growth. Banks aren't built for ecommerce, but Brex is."

— Rachel Vodofsky, Cofounder


Manage it all with Brex.

Brex delivers everything ecommerce businesses need to thrive—from higher credit limits to easier forecasting to uncapped rewards on ads and shipping. All with no account fees, interest, limits, or minimums.

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7 lessons to maximize your peak selling season

Keep sales strong year-round and maximize peak season with insider tips from leading ecommerce companies who thrived with Brex amidst 2021 market fluctuations.


Rent, utilities, vendors—simplify it with
bill pay.

Brex offers tools to make bills and expenses easy. In fact, TuneGo saves hours every week with our bill pay and expense management tools.

TuneGO forwards invoices to automatically enter them and schedules no-fee payments with a few clicks. They close the books fast with seamless accounting integrations. Having their finances all in one place, plus uncapped rewards, is music to their ears.

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“Brex Cash, card, and bill pay is shaping Brex to be a solid replacement for banking."

— Ofek Hayon, COO


The financial stack built for scale.

Software and services engineered for fast-growing companies.

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