Xero integration guide

Our Xero integration offers better functionality than any other corporate card in the US by providing an API-based bank feed that automatically pushes transaction data over every 24 hours. Expense data that is enabled within the Brex dashboard syncs directly with Xero via admin credentials. Follow the steps below to set up your Xero integration with Brex.

Step 1: Considerations and benefits

Review the ways that Brex integrates with Xero. If you’re not already using Xero, this can help you determine whether the software and our integration are right for your company.

Step 2: Setup instructions

Add Brex to your Xero bank feed to begin the setup process on your own. If you would like support with this process, please reach out to your Brex representative or our support team.

Step 3: Connecting your Brex account to your Xero organization

When you’re connecting a Xero account to Brex that has access to multiple Xero organizations, Brex will always choose the most recently connected Xero organization that was granted access. Follow the steps in How do I connect my Brex account to the correct Xero Organization? to ensure you’re seeing the right organization in Brex.

Step 4: Bill pay

Set up bill pay to sync your bills with Xero automatically.

Note: Transactions will be automatically pulled from Brex into the Xero bank feed every 24 hours and will appear in the Accounting tab under the Reconcile and Bank statements sections.

Your Xero integration setup is now complete. If you run into any issues, please review the article I need help troubleshooting my Xero integration.

Disconnecting the Xero integration

Should you ever need to disconnect your Xero integration — as in the case of switching softwares — please follow the steps in How do I disconnect my Brex account from Xero?.

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