Why was the Brex interface updated?

You may have noticed a change in appearance in both your Brex dashboard and app. These updates mean that Brex is now able to provide an even better level of service to you.

Welcome to Brex Essentials

You now have access to a new experience on both the Brex dashboard and app built to serve growing companies like yours. Brex Essentials represents the newest iteration of the Brex platform, that offers a wide range of expense management features that go beyond card usage and empower you to manage all your finances in one place:

  • Notification inbox: Easily find expenses, spend limits, and reimbursement requests that require review.

  • Refreshed wallet: A new design makes it even easier to manage and use your card on the go. Go to the Wallet tab on your dashboard to manage and create cards.

  • Spend limits: Create flexible limits to control spend, such as Vendor, Group travel, and User limit spend limits on your Limits tab.

  • Approvals: The ability to customize approvers in your Company Settings to make sure the right parties are signing off on all expenses.

  • Expanded reporting: A wide variety of options within your dashboard to generate reports that show snapshots of company spend, expense compliance, etc.

  • Mobile enhancements: View expense policies, access card details, approve reimbursements, and more.

  • Brex Travel: An in-product tool designed to help you and your team book business travel arrangements.

Brex Essentials is the first step of our plan to innovate and deliver the most intuitive experience for all your financial needs. Please be on the lookout for even more added features and improvements in the future.

Vendor cards

One of our key features on Brex Essentials is the implementation of spend limits to control your vendor spend. Before, you had to issue a brand new card in order to section off funds to be used for purchases with a specific vendor. Now, you can use spend limits for the same purpose, but with more power and control, setting up specific vendor spend limits that you can cap at a certain monthly amount and add multiple team members to. They can still issue themselves a separate card for their assigned vendor spend limit or, to keep things easy, they can just switch their physical card over to the spend limit whenever it’s time to transact with that vendor.

You create a new vendor spend limit by following the steps in this help article. You can either create a new card for this vendor spend limit or assign an existing one.

If any of your users had vendor cards assigned to them before we updated the Brex product to Brex Essentials, these will automatically be converted to vendor spend limits.

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