What is positive pay?

Positive pay is offered at many financial institutions. This allows you to prevent unwanted ACH debits by authorizing only certain counterparties to pull funds from your account.

To "whitelist" a counterparty, you’ll typically need an ACH ID. Brex recently updated our ACH IDs, so if you have positive pay set up with an external financial institution to allow them access to Brex data, you’ll need to let them know about these changes.

Your bank can tell you if you need to update positive pay and whitelist the new ACH IDs for Brex Cash. The new IDs are:

  • 9990912226

  • 9992371152

  • 9121145349


Brex's trusted counterparty feature relies on ACH IDs supplied by users. Some counterparties may attempt to debit your account from multiple ACH IDs, including ones that have not been blocked.

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