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How long does it take for crypto rewards to transfer to my wallet?

Brex partners with TravelBank to place and fulfill customer redemption orders. As a customer, once you finalize your order by hitting Redeem, TravelBank purchases BTC or ETH via Coinbase and sends the crypto to your wallet address.

This will most likely happen within 10-20 minutes, but transfers can take as long as 1 hour.

Will Brex support other cryptocurrencies?

The cryptocurrencies available are offered and fulfilled by our partner, TravelBank, and the cryptocurrency exchange platform they work with, Coinbase. Brex is always looking for ways to improve our customer rewards options and we welcome any suggestions.

How often is the price of cryptocurrencies updated in my dashboard?

Brex partners with TravelBank to provide the near-real time price of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in the Brex dashboard. Prices are updated every minute. As a result, there may be a slight difference between the price of an asset in your dashboard and the real-time price you may find by visiting a cryptocurrency exchange platform directly.

Your Brex points will be redeemed at the price displayed when you complete your transaction.

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