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PremiumEnterpriseP-card Spend alerts, now known as spend insights, help save time for account and card admins by targeting what sort of spend they’re asked to review. Having a large team could result in hundreds or even thousands of transactions occurring on a regular basis. If the majority of these transactions are standard, you may want to skip having to review them all, and focus your time on anything potentially anomalous. This would include any transactions that cost an unusually high amount, or if any of your departments have a 3x increase in their average spend. Overall, spend insights break down the alerts we’re sending to your Inbox into one of three categories:

  • Unusually expensive transactions
  • Spend increases
  • High per-diem spend (meals or rideshare)

Opt in or out

You can opt in to receiving spend insights in the Company settings section of your Brex dashboard, under the Expenses tab. Once turned on, you’ll see the Spend insights tab in your Inbox. Note: You’ll only have historical spend alert data from your current Brex experience. Alerts from past versions of the Brex dashboard won’t be visible. After opting in, you can narrow down the type of insights you receive by turning any of the three categories on or off. You can also choose to opt back out of spend insights entirely. Once you receive an insight, you can comment on the entry, which will change it to an in-progress status. You can also mark it as resolved if you determine it's acceptable.

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