How does Brex integrate with Coupa Pay?

Brex’s integration with Coupa Pay allows you to provision Brex virtual cards for approved POs and Invoices without leaving Coupa. This results in greater efficiency, control, and visibility over your business spend.

Through the integration, Coupa will generate the virtual card using Brex APIs and will securely send the virtual card number to the vendor for processing. You will see the previous day’s transactions within Coupa for statement reconciliation, and the card details and transaction history will also be visible on the Brex dashboard under the relevant admin’s account.

You can use the Coupa Pay integration in any of the following scenarios:

  1. Card at invoice for suppliers with high value purchases

  2. Card at purchase order for suppliers with low value commodities

  3. Requester card for one-time suppliers

  4. Traveler card for airline and hotel bookings with Coupa Travel

  5. Ghost cards to centralize spend across employees for a designated vendor

What are the benefits of using Brex with Coupa Pay?

There are three key benefits to using Brex with Coupa Pay: (1) efficiency through automation, (2) control and compliance, and (3) increased working capital.

Using Coupa Pay with your Brex account dramatically speeds up your procurement flow by integrating your payments automatically. You can even skip the W-9 onboarding process for one-time suppliers by paying them with virtual cards.

The integration also lets you integrate your invoice tracking in Coupa’s platform for better control and visibility. It adds a layer of security via limited charge amounts and the quick expiration of virtual account numbers.

Brex and Coupa work together to make your virtual cards as widely accepted among vendors as possible. You can take advantage of early payments by leveraging extended credit from Brex, and maximize rebates by driving more invoicing spend through virtual cards.

Are there fees for using the Coupa Pay integration?

While Brex does not charge any fees for the Coupa Pay integration, Coupa itself does have an additional annual licensing fee for their virtual card entitlement.

Does the integration work with Brex Empower?

Yes, Brex’s Empower implementation consultant will help you create a Coupa Pay procurement budget on Brex.

Important: When you create the API token to set up the integration, please select Read/Write permissions for Budgets in addition to the other permissions.

When Coupa generates the virtual card via the Coupa Pay integration, it will automatically appear in the Brex dashboard, nested under that procurement budget. That's it — no further action required.

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