How can vendors and banks update the Federal Reserve routing number database?

The national routing number database for the American Banking Association is maintained by LexisNexis and is updated periodically with information on new financial institutions. Brex recently obtained a new routing number (121145349). In order to maintain successful transactions with Brex, financial institutions and payment processors will need to update their internal databases.

Please refresh your internal database to include Brex’s new routing number (121145349). Our routing number can be found in the Federal Reserve Routing Number Database or the LexisNexis Risk Database. If you use a third-party payment processor, they will also have to update their database to reflect changes within your systems.

We are happy to work with your bank or third-party processor to make the necessary updates. Please send an email to to connect us with your point of contact, and we will work to resolve this directly with them.

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