Can I mark expenses as billable before exporting into QuickBooks Online?

Yes, Brex bookkeepers, account admins, and card admins of accounts that use the QuickBooks Online integration now have the ability to tag expenses as billable prior to exporting them to QuickBooks Online. Employees of Brex accounts that use the Quickbooks Online integration will also have the ability to set these fields on their own expenses.

You can only mark an expense as billable once you tag a customer for an expense. A billable expense needs to have a customer code before being exported to QuickBooks Online and expenses marked as billable need to be associated with a GL account which allows billable expenses. The following GL account types may be used for billable expenses: expense, other expense, other current liabilities, other current assets, other assets, fixed assets, or COGS.

When you export your expenses to QuickBooks Online, the billable field will be populated based on your selections within Brex.

How do I automatically tag expenses with customers or as billable expenses?

You can do this by creating custom rules. The Customer field and Billable field can automatically be coded based on the custom rule created.

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