Why Brex rewards points deliver the most value for startups and founders.

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Many founders think about what kind of rewards they want when they are signing up for a corporate credit card. Ever since we launched the first corporate card for startups, we have sought to maximize the value that founders get on every dollar they spend. Brex’s high rewards multipliers enable users to earn more than the 1.5X that other cards offer, and we leverage our scale to negotiate exclusive partnerships that make Brex rewards much more valuable than cash back.

As we built Brex’s rewards program, we spoke with founders to understand their needs at different stages in their startup's lifecycle, and the role that Brex rewards could play in helping founders and startups as they scale.

Brex rewards meet startup needs.

Designed to help founders at every stage of growth.


Let’s say you’ve founded a Seed/Series A startup spending $1M a year on corporate cards (which is a lot!). A 1.5% cash back card will give you $15K at the end of the year. In our research, many founders have shared that this is not enough to move the needle for a fast-growing startup.

On the other hand, Brex rewards unlock valuable redemption options that give you the most flexibility and bang for your buck by providing rewards options that are tailor-made for startups. With Brex, you would earn 1,500,000 points on that $1M in card spend. Let’s explore how Brex’s unique redemption options amplify the value of your card spend much more than would ever be possible with cash back.


Building your brand with billboards and digital bulletins.

Brex redefined out-of-home (OOH) media for tech since our very first campaign in 2018. We have massive scale given the size of Brex and our community of startups, so we’re able to negotiate exclusive contracts and pass on those benefits to our members. That’s why customers like Keeps, Stytch, Hirect, Notion, and many others use their Brex rewards to unlock negotiated OOH media rates — while also benefiting from our internal experts that have launched some of the most innovative and effective OOH campaigns.

“What we received from Brex, it’s a 10 out of 10 value-add service. With Brex’s billboard partnership, we can get double-valued billboards, calculated by our original CPI from $10-15 to $6-7 with Brex. We get industry expert planning, buying, and creative advisory services that we can’t get from our own in-house team or networks. The knowledge gained from all the meetings was worth millions.”

— Annie Zhang, Co-Founder, Hirect


You can use Brex points to purchase discounted billboards or digital bulletins, and our internal team of experts will help you plan, launch, and measure your campaign, giving you more value than if you did this on your own.

Billboard Redemption Value

One-of-a-kind team offsites.

Startups are increasingly remote and distributed. As a remote-first company, Brex deeply understands the challenge of being remote-first, and we organize over 60 team offsites each quarter just for Brex employees. We run a playbook for organizing effective team offsites. Now we are expanding this service so that startups in our ecosystem can now use Brex points to plan unique and unforgettable retreats for your team.

“Brex’s rewards program is better than just cash back programs. I particularly like travel points and the curated experiences that are thoughtful and supportive for early-stage startups.”

— Pauline Roteta, Co-founder & CEO, Pasito

pasito -logo

The concierge helps you identify offsite locations, organize activities, negotiate preferred rates with vendors, and find local service providers. For larger groups, you can opt to have an in-person activities coordinator during the offsite. These services can help your team save more than 20% in the process and more than 40 hours so that you can focus on what’s most important.


Executive coaching for you and your team.

Founders can use Brex rewards to get executive coaching for themselves or for high-potential employees. You can connect with some of the top coaches in the industry for multiple one-on-one leadership coaching sessions.

Coaching Redemption

“Outside of the quantifiable value, Brex is a partner of ours that’s here to support our company’s development since we convert the rewards into things that contribute directly to our long-term success. This feels like 'free money' and gives us something that can drive way more ROI than 1.5% cash back — things we otherwise may not have spent money on because they may be difficult to justify.”

— Patrick Mrozowski, Co-founder & CEO, Point Card


Unlock more with Brex rewards.

Rather than earning just 1.5% in cash back, you can unlock significantly more value by using Brex rewards. This does not even include all the time and effort that you’ll save for your team so that you can focus on what matters most — building and scaling your company.

Annual Card Spend Calculation
Typical card spend for a startup at this stage is 10% on all travel (4X), 10% on recurring software (3X), and 80% on everything else, earning the startup 1.5X or more in Brex points.

These are just a few of the countless ways Brex points can work for your business. You also have the flexibility to redeem points for travel, airline miles, cash back, statement credits, crypto, and more. Let us know of other redemption options that you would like us to add here.

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