Using data to delight your customers

Webinar / Using data to delight your customers

Brexfast in Bed: Using data to delight your customers

Tue, May 12
4:00—5:00 PM



Customer experience and retention is king in a down market. In this session, Brex Chief Customer Officer Roli Saxena and Zendesk VP of Startups Kristen Durham will discuss how to leverage your customer data to build a comprehensive customer health score program. They will also deep dive into shifting your product offering to enable customers to save money, save time, and run their business better.

About speakers

Roli Saxena: An engineer by training, she started her career on the Product side. But with a desire to solve big, challenging business problems, she branched out to a variety of Go to Market roles at different companies. Before Brex, Roli led North America Sales and Global Success teams at LinkedIn during their hyper-growth.

Kristen Durham: VP of Startup Initiatives at Zendesk. She worked for Silicon Valley Bank building their VC and technology banking practices in Latin America, China, and other emerging markets.

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