Leading Startups Through Unprecedented Change

Webinar / Leading Startups Through Unprecedented Change

Brexfast in Bed: Leading Startups Through Unprecedented Change

Tue, Apr 7
4:30—5:30 PM



Executives, People Teams, and managers are all facing unprecedented uncertainties that require them to step up as leaders in new ways. In this webinar, starting at 9:30 AM PST, we’re sharing our strategy and learnings to help the startup community survive and eventually thrive in today’s environment. We’ll deep dive into how to think about looking after your customers, looking after your team, and managing your runway during prolonged periods of unease.

About speakers

Henrique Dubugras: co-ceo and cofounder of Brex. A Brazilian entrepreneur, Henrique built payments company Pagar.me — the Stripe of Brazil — when he was sixteen years old. In just three years, Pagar.me grew to $1.5 billion in volume of transactions processed. In the fall of 2016, Henrique sold Pagar.me and enrolled at Stanford University. After eight months, he left school and founded Brex.

Neal Narayani: Chief People Officer at Brex. Neal focuses specifically on leading organizations through hypergrowth transformations, and previously led company growth strategies at Uber and Salesforce. Neal joined Brex in August 2019.

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