Financial checklist for navigating whether you’re reopening or staying remote

Webinar / Financial checklist for navigating whether you’re reopening or staying remote

Brexfast in Bed: Financial checklist

Tue, Jun 9
4:30—5:15 PM



As the United States begins to open up, many employers are faced with a myriad of new financial decisions. Some of the key considerations relate to office leases, headcount, runway, and a realignment regarding growth and goal setting (will it be a V, U, W etc. recovery).

In this session you will hear from Brex CFO Michael Tannenbaum and Rippling CFO, Adil Syed as they share their companies plans and aggregated Brex and Rippling payroll, spend, T&E, and zip code data. The session aims to help startup founders and financial controllers establish a checklist for benchmarking their current health and planning for the months ahead.

About speakers

Michael Tannenbaum: Chief Financial Officer of Brex. Prior to Brex, he served as the Chief Revenue Officer of SoFi. Michael joined Brex in July 2017.

Adil Syed: Chief Financial Officer of Rippling. He was previously Head of Strategy & Operations and FP&A at Snapchat and an early and growth stage investor at Redpoint Ventures. Adil started his career at Goldman Sachs, and holds degrees from Wharton and Berkeley (Go Bears!).

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