For managers

Manage by exception to move faster.

Drive greater accountability and speed worldwide by enabling managers to focus on the few expenses that are actually out of policy — no more rubber-stamping everything.


Smarter expense reviews.

Auto-approve spending that’s within your policies and budgets — so managers can focus on the outliers and strategic priorities.


Meet global teams where they are.

Give teams flexibility and autonomy, with reimbursements, clawbacks, approvals, and more accessible via mobile app, Slack, email, and text.


Financial discipline top to bottom.

Push decision-making to managers, enabling them to adjust budgets and track their team’s spend — promoting trust and financial discipline at all levels.


Use budgets to accelerate reviews.

Create and request spending budgets for teams, trips, vendors, stipends — each with its own expense policy — so employees know what can be spent and where, eliminating the need for approvals on every expense.


Focus on expenses that matter most.

Free your managers to focus on the expenses that matter using powerful policies and machine learning and AI-driven anomaly detection that flags suspicious transactions — driving speed and accountability.

Review, reimburse, and more from anywhere.

Managers can receive real-time alerts and handle employee requests, global reimbursements, and clawbacks through Slack, email, text, or mobile app — increasing their pace of work, no matter where they are.

"Managers can stop feeling like the T&E police, and instead only review the few transactions that are actually out of policy."

— Mike Kim, VP of Finance

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For controllers

Create a culture of speed and financial discipline.

Gain real-time visibility and accountability, break down silos of separate systems, and give accounting teams more automation and accuracy.

Drive accountability

For employees

Make it easy to do the right thing.

Auto-generate receipts and make it easy to understand your expense policy and the purpose for each type of expense, across cards, reimbursements, and bill pay.


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