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Cheers to 10x growth in 2019

The Brex Difference

15-20 minutes

Application Time

The next day

Implementation Time

Scalability, non dilutive capital

Pain Points

Inventory, advertising

Top Spend Categories

Company Info

Matt Dukes, Rachel Vodofsky




San Francisco, CA



Employee Count

$6M (Series A)



Usual has built the perfect glass of wine in a single-serve bottle. Marketing directly to customers across the US, their wines are completely clean, so no additives, sweeteners, colorings, or chemicals.


With a beautiful, delicious product, Usual was flying off the virtual shelves. Cofounders Matt Dukes and Rachel Vodofsky struggled to find a capital partner that could keep pace with their hyper growth, and were cautious about dilutive capital to fund proven inventory and marketing strategies.

"Brex is in a league of their own. Offering a 60-day float is unrivaled in value for a rapidly growing consumer business. Traditional lenders and credit providers moved too slowly and were a huge bottleneck to growth." - Matt Dukes, cofounder

With an innovative underwriting process, Brex offers 10-20x higher credit limits than traditional cards and no personal guarantee. Plus, the fact that Brex integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks saves the Usual team hours at every end-of-month close.

Dukes believes that this higher limit and streamlined dashboard helped fuel Usual’s explosive growth. The limits on other cards were 20% of what Brex offered.

"We replaced a wallet full of various cards with one Brex card and it allowed us to move so much faster."

Fueled by their Brex card, Usual exploded with 10x growth in 2019. In addition to higher credit limits, Dukes added that Brex’s “blazing speed” and seamless accounting integrations also set Brex apart from traditional banks.

"Existing cards simply did not understand our business. Brex is extremely savvy in the space, understands how quickly we are growing, and is simply better suited to handle that growth."

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