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Setting up a card program in 10 minutes

The Brex Difference

10 minutes

Application Time

1 hour

Implementation Time

Card program setup

Pain Points

SaaS, Shipping

Top Spend Categories

Company Info

Brien Chen, Morten Miesner




New York City, NY



Employee Count

$2M (Seed)



ROOM’s soundproof phone booths give companies the flexibility to create private spaces within open offices.


“It’s not called ROOM because we build rooms,” said Cofounder and CEO Brian Chen. “It’s called ROOM because we want to make room for people, privacy and a better work environment."

ROOM’s visible success - a client list counting Nike, Salesforce and JP Morgan, eye-popping revenue - was driven by a team focused on simplicity and control. As headcount doubled every few months, Chen and his finance team recognized that their business credit card process was anything but simple and controlled, and set out to find a long-term solution to grow with their company.

“We were hiring and growing the team quickly, and doing a lot more travel. I was having new hires ask if they could put flights or software on a company card, and it was one of those things I could see starting to become an administrative headache. We wanted a quick solution.”


Chen searched online for business credit cards that startup founders had good things to say about.

“As a startup founder, I’m not looking to evaluate dozens of card providers. That’s not our priority. So my thought process was to find something trusted by startups that will be convenient and fast. Brex checked those boxes, and the recommendations from other 
Y Combinator founders helped with credibility.”

He signed up for Brex and was approved in under 10 minutes and soon had all relevant employees using their own cards with proper spend limits in place.


ROOM migrated all of their internal spending to Brex, and has continued to benefit from the time savings and rewards value the cards and dashboard technology provide.

“It takes literally 10 seconds to onboard new employees, and our finance team has both control over and visibility into employee spending. We aren’t a huge team right now, but we’re growing fast and I’m confident Brex’s program is built to scale.”

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