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A startup that simplifies time tracking, payroll, and workers comp insurance for small business owners, Hourly was created in 2018 out of a frustration with clunky and inaccessible HR tools.


Hourly co-founder and CEO Tom Sagi knows that inefficiency can cost a company valuable time and resources—a place where technology can often bridge the gap.

To streamline his own business, Sagi wanted a credit card he could easily issue to employees, and an expense management platform that was simple to integrate with legacy systems. Integration and card distribution was so cumbersome with one provider, he recalls. So he switched to Brex

"We didn’t give employees cards because it was too much of a headache to reconcile them."

Nowadays, Hourly employees each receive a Brex card, which they use for daily lunches, and managers are able to set and modify limits on an individual basis. The ability to quickly cancel cards and manage spend prevents fraud from lost or compromised cards. “That functionality played a key role in our decision to move to Brex.”

Sagi is especially fond of the Brex virtual card feature, which allows his company to test and explore new products and technologies to incorporate into Hourly’s technology stack. Virtual cards also give Hourly the ability to distribute accounts to non-employees, and cancel instantly if something goes wrong. “Previously, with Chase, cancelling a card would cut out 30+ autopayments,” remembers Sagi.

"With Brex, we can use a virtual card for trials, and then cancel only that card without affecting the others."

Since switching to Brex, Hourly has saved countless hours and headaches. “With Chase, reconciliation into the books would require hours each month,” recalls Sagi. “With Brex, that process takes minutes. It’s nothing.”

When it comes to the virtual card, Brex provides flexibility without the hassle of traditional credit cards. “If there’s a service we don’t need,” says Sagi, “we don’t have to call that vendor and go through the cancellation process.”

And, aside from its unique features and streamlined integration, Sagi appreciates knowing his startup is in capable hands.

"Brex has become almost a status symbol for startups. You feel more included if you have a Brex card in your pocket."

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