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Founded in 2011, G Squared is a venture capital firm that provides capital and support to growing companies.


Previously part of another firm, G Squared ventured off on its own in 2017, effectively starting from scratch. Its seven founding employees managed expenses by cobbling together a mixture of personal credit cards, physical checks, direct deposit, and Excel spreadsheets.

As the company scaled globally, G Squared could no longer rely on manual expense reporting for timely reimbursement and tracking. Partner and CFO Luis Rivera recalls the company’s 20 employees racking up roughly $70k each month in travel-related expenses.


At first, G Squared considered a corporate card from American Express, but “Because of their size, they didn’t really care, or think it was worth it for them,” Rivera remembers. “Plus, AMEX required us to put our personal credit on the line to get a corporate card. That was a nonstarter.”

Ultimately, Rivera applied for a Brex card. “It was simple, actually. I literally went to the website and put in my name, and within 24 hours I was talking to somebody that provided me with the information I needed to get through it.” Two weeks later, G Squared was officially onboarded. “That was also very impressive.”


Since switching to Brex and integrating QuickBooks with the platform, “Reports are accurate, everything’s standardized, and receipts are all in one place.”

“Having Brex makes everything easier.” says Rivera. “The receipts are matched immediately, which takes that part away from the equation.”
“It’s been a substantial improvement for us, just having that system, process, and reporting tools, all linked to the QuickBooks systems,” says Rivera.

“Brex has made us more productive. It’s made everybody’s lives easier.” Before Brex, the controller was spending one week per month reviewing time and expense reports.

"Now the whole process is managed by an admin assistant, so we don't even get the controller involved anymore, saving time, money, and critical resources."

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