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Switching from SVB to save 2-3 hours every week on finances

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10 minutes

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User experience, integrations, fees

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SaaS, Travel

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David Zbarsky, Adeel Malik, Bilal Naved, Peter Garber




Chicago, IL



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Clearstep is a patient triage platform that helps health systems meet the demands of the modern consumer by diagnosing symptoms, scheduling appointments, estimating insurance costs, and routing customers to the appropriate health professionals.


While scaling to meet the growing demand for telehealth solutions, Clearstep needed to uplevel its financial services partner as well. As it explored new banking options, founder and CTO David Zbarsky recalls the company’s ill-fated transition to funding its SVB account. “The process was a nightmare, to be honest,” he remembers. SVB requested a series of documents from the company, even after Clearstep had already closed its account and switched over to Brex.

“SVB’s application process was really long and broken, and the interface was confusing and hard to use. When I had questions, the support team sent me automated links to documentation that didn’t actually answer the questions.”

Attracted to streamlined integrations, exceptional customer service, and waived fees, Clearstep found Brex to be the financial system it needed to scale its business. After a quick onboarding and sync with its existing Brex Card, Clearstep was up and running with Brex Cash. The company appreciates Brex’s unrivaled customer friendliness, easy setup, clear integrations with its Gusto account, and intuitive interface.


Since switching to Brex, Clearstep has saved an estimated 2-3 hours each week in expense management. Zbarksy says, “It’s nice to be able to see our revenue and spend in one place.” Offering time and convenience, Brex’s focus on user experience and streamlined financial management allows Clearstep leadership to focus on their company’s mission.

“As much as I love Brex, I’d prefer not to spend my time dealing with any bank. I’d rather just run my company, since that’s what I’m here to do. Brex lets my team focus on doing our jobs.”

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